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About David

Even though he grew up in a family with traditional values where the creative was not a valid career option, the seed was nevertheless planted by his father who he accompanied weekly to galleries, sparking his interest in art and painting respectively.

Humble beginnings inspired by Keith Haring brought him to the canvas nevertheless. But money had to be made so a life of business and real estate followed with the arts on the back burner.

The seed however blossomed and the urge to express himself artistically won in the end. David used his slower daypace granted by lockdowns and the like to rekindle his passion for painting and has not looked back since.

He thrives to make art with love, friendship & perseverance as its main themes, representing his struggle to give in to his artistic nature and a less than welcoming environment to do so.

Nothing Is Impossible

David DeBusseré

David DeBusseré (born in Ghent in 1979) is a Belgian contemporary artist. From the urge of making beautiful things, he started painting and experimenting with paint, materials, and bright colors at the age of 18. Today he makes 2D paintings mostly inspired by daily encounters with nature.

In these paintings you can experience chaos or, on the contrary, complete structure; always using objects and textures. The use of fluorescent colors is inspired by the butterflies and birds that often return in his works. They both symbolize a colorful world that’s always in transition and that’s different every day.

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